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The proposed project consists of the reconstruction of Hancock Street from approximately 100 feet south of Saint Ann's Road extending northerly approximately 1,400 feet to approximately 90 feet north of Fenno St. In addition, approximately 320 feet of Merrymount Parkway will be reconstructed east of its intersection with Hancock St. Under this project, minor portions (less than 40 feet) of Saint Ann's Road, Standish Avenue and Fenno Street will also be constructed. The intersection of Merrymount Parkway at Hancock Street will be reconstructed to eliminate the high speed right turn lane westbound and increase the distance between Merrymount Parkway and Standish Avenue. A new, fully actuated traffic signal is proposed at the intersection of Hancock Street at Merrymount Parkway as well as at Hancock Street at St. Ann's Road to address safety concerns and reduce congestion along the corridor. New sidewalks are proposed along the entire easterly side of the road within the project area and along the westerly side of Hancock Street from Merrymount Parkway to Standish Ave. New pavement markings will be installed to delineate travel lanes, providing additional width for bicyclists within the outside travel lanes.
  • City of Quincy
  • Resident Engineer: Lonardi Philogene
    Construction Contract Value: $1,065,181.00
    Construction Bid Price: $898,640.00
    Initial Construction Estimate: $807,471.00
    District: District 4
    Current Status: This project is completed and has been submitted to finals. (as of 10/01/2007)

    Contracts (1) Progress
    # 37968 -- Construction Contract
    Traffic Safety Improvements - Hancock Street at Merrymount Parkway. Completed


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  • Contract Dates
    Notice to Proceed: 03/07/2005
    Contract Information
    Project Designer: Municipality
    Funding Source: Surface Trans. Program
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    Current Status
    This project is completed and has been submitted to finals.
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    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 06/11/1997
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 07/15/1997
    Project Status Advertised 09/18/2004
    Project Management
    25% Design 25% Package Approved 05/13/2004
    25% Design 25% Plans Complete 05/26/2004
    Final Design PS&E Received 08/27/2004
    Final Design PS&E to FAPRO 08/27/2004