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The scope of work for the replacement of the Travers Street Bridge includes the complete replacement of the superstructure and substructure of the existing single span steel stringer bridge, which was constructed in 1938. The new bridge will be a single span separated pre-stressed concrete box beam superstructure supported by new semi-integral reinforced concrete gravity abutments to be located in back of the existing abutments, and founded on bedrock. The work includes the reconstruction of the roadway approaches as necessary to provide a 28.5 foot curb to curb roadway width and a new 6.0 foot wide sidewalk on the westerly side of the bridge. The bridge rails shall be standard “Texas” rail. The bridge profile grade will be established based on the results of a Hydraulic Report which will establish the adequacy of the waterway opening. A Geotechnical Report will also be prepared to verify the suitability of the selected foundation and substructure type, and a Bridge Type Study Report will be prepared to evaluate the overall cost effectiveness and general suitability of the proposed design, in comparison with several other bridge types. During the construction, the road will be closed to through traffic, and a posted detour will be implemented.
  • City of Gardner
  • Resident Engineer: Lisa Spezzaferro-Pelleti
    Construction Contract Value: $1,192,161.00
    Construction Bid Price: $1,023,358.00
    Initial Construction Estimate: $1,254,638.23
    District: District 3

    Contracts (3) Progress
    # 32185 -- Design -- Footprint Bridge contracts
    Statewide - Footprint Bridge Round 3 - Contract R Final
    # 51301 -- Design -- Hwy Eng Open End
    Statewide - work will consist of providing engineering design and review services to the MassHighway on an open end basis for various statewide highway and bridge projects. Final
    # 60857 -- Construction Contract
    Bridge Replacement (G-01-023) (Concrete) - Travers Street over the Travers Pond Outlet (Foster Brook). (ABP) Completed


    Contract Dates
    Notice to Proceed: 12/30/2009
    Contract Information
    Project Designer: Consultant
    Funding Source: Non Federal Aid
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    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 06/09/2003
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 11/18/2003
    Project Review Committee Letter 12/03/2003
    Project Status Advertised 09/26/2009
    Project Management
    100% Design 100% Package Received 03/12/2009
    100% Design 100% Package Comments to DE 04/21/2009
    25% Design 25% Package Received 04/17/2007
    25% Design 25% Package Comments to DE 05/25/2006
    75% Design 75% Package Received 07/23/2008
    Final Design PS&E Received 05/11/2009
    Final Design PS&E to FAPRO 09/23/2009
    Consultant Contract Process Scope to DE 12/02/2003
    Consultant Contract Process NTP Issued 07/11/2008