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The work under this Contract consists of the rehabilitation of the Hancock Street Bridge over Sagamore Street, Red Lines and MBTA in the City of Quincy. The work includes the removal and replacement of four (4) prestressed concrete deck beams, the partial removal and replacement of both sidewalks for the full length of the bridge, the complete removal and replacement of the asphalt overlay and membrane and the replacement of all bridge joints except the joint at the Northwest Abutment. The structure shall remain open to one lane of traffic in each direction at all times during construction. Also included as part of the work under this Contract is the minor work on the roadway approaches which includes, but is not limited to, cold planing and overlaying the approach pavement to the limits shown on the Plans, the installation of a water main, the reconstruction of small sections of sidewalk, the construction of new wheelchair ramps and the installation of new pavement markings.
  • City of Quincy
  • Resident Engineer: Lonardi Philogene
    Construction Contract Value: $1,011,505.00
    Construction Bid Price: $846,707.50
    Initial Construction Estimate: $754,806.25
    District: District 4

    Contracts (3) Progress
    # 36567 -- Design -- Bridge Rehab/Recon/New Const
    Provide design services for the rehabilitation of existing bridges, structural evaluations and emergency design support services. Final
    # 54831 -- Design -- Hwy Eng Open End
    Work will consist of providing engineering design and review services to MassHighway on an open end basis for various statewide highway and bridge projects. Final
    # 56216 -- Construction Contract
    Bridge Rehabilitation (Q-01-009) (Concrete) Hancock Street over Sagamore Street and MBTA. Completed


    Contract Dates
    Notice to Proceed: 10/27/2008
    Contract Information
    Project Designer: Consultant
    Funding Source: Non Federal Aid
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    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 03/08/2007
    Project Review Committee Letter 03/21/2007
    Project Status Initiated 01/10/2007
    Project Status Advertised 06/21/2008
    Project Management
    Final Design PS&E Received 06/18/2008
    Final Design PS&E to FAPRO 06/18/2008
    Consultant Contract Process Scope to DE 06/15/2007
    Consultant Contract Process Scope to DE 10/02/2009
    Consultant Contract Process NTP Issued 07/16/2007
    Consultant Contract Process Workhours Approved 10/02/2009