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The improvements include reconstruction of the roadway pavement, curbing, and sidewalks. Wheelchair ramps and appropriate pedestrian crossings will be added to improve pedestrian safety. Additional improvements such as trees and ornamental lighting, and curb extensions will be incorporated. Pavement markings will be provided to define the parking areas to remain and provide defined shoulder areas for use by bicycles. Drainage improvements will be made, the roadway crown will be adjusted to provide a consistent cross slope, and repair of settled locations will be done. Access issues with area business will be more clearly defined to improve safety for vehicles entering and exiting local businesses. Traffic signals at Mill and Washington and at Loring and Jefferson will be updated.
  • City of Salem
  • Resident Engineer: Brian Zilinsky
    Construction Bid Price: $10,968,875.00
    District: District 4
    Current Status: Canal Street project is complete. (as of 01/04/2021)

    Contracts (4) Progress
    # 54834 -- Design -- Bridge Rehab/Recon/New Const
    Work will consist of structural evaluations and emergency design support services to support the Bridge Preservation/Betterment Advertisement Program. Final
    # 64315 -- Design -- Hwy Eng Open End
    Work will consist of providing engineering design and review services to MassDOT on a task order basis for various statewide highway and bridge projects. Final
    # 68382 -- Design -- Bridge Open End
    Work will consist of providing engineering design and review services to MassDOT on an open end basis for various statewide highway and bridge projects. Final
    # 90728 -- Construction Contract
    Roadway Reconstruction (Including Signals) on a Section Canal Street. Completed


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  • Contract Dates
    Notice to Proceed: 04/14/2016
    Contract Information
    Project Designer: Municipality
    Funding Source: Highway Safety Improvement Program
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    Environmental Impacts
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    Project Design
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    Project Funding
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    Public Involvement
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    Current Status
    Canal Street project is complete.
    Accelerated Bridge Program
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    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Need Form PNF Entered 02/22/2008
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 04/22/2008
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 03/25/2009
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 05/14/2009
    Project Review Committee Letter 06/08/2009
    Project Status Advertised 09/19/2015
    Project Management
    100% Design 100% Package Received 06/01/2015
    100% Design 100% Package Comments to DE 07/30/2015
    25% Design 25% Package Received 07/13/2010
    25% Design 25% Package Comments to DE 09/26/2012
    25% Design Design Public Hearing 10/22/2012
    25% Design Design Public Hearing 08/06/2014
    75% Design 75% Package Received 11/19/2013
    75% Design 75% Package Comments to DE 02/26/2014
    Final Design PS&E Received 09/08/2015
    Final Design PS&E Received 01/25/2016
    Final Design PS&E to FAPRO 09/15/2015