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The work listed here is intended to give a guideline on what needs to be done. A more detailed field investigation of the existing structure shall be made to establish the exact extent and details of the required work given here. The deck shall be removed and replaced with an exposed 8 inch HP 4000psi concrete deck which includes a inch integral wearing surface. Stay-in-place form shall be used for this project The existing railing shall be removed and replaced with S3-TL4 railing. New highway guardrail transitions shall be installed on the four corner of the bridge. All joints should be replaced with strip seal joints as detailed in the Bridge Manual. The consultant shall review the steel deteriorations noted in the latest Inspection Report and inspect the bridge on site to verify the integrity of the steel section after cleaning up the rust. Shielding should be used to prevent debris from failing into the Hoosic River. Then the consultant shall perform a preliminary rating to determine if the various losses are significant and reduced the capacity below statutory. Repair detail shall then be done as required. Welds shall be checked for fatigue cracks and repaired as necessary. All structural steel is to be cleaned and painted after all repairs have been made. Major spalls and delaminations of the substructure shall be patched and major cracks shall be injected with epoxy.
  • City of North Adams
  • Design Responsibility: Consultant
    Right of Way Responsibility: MassDOT
    Construction Begins: Spring 2023
    Project Manager: Alwin Ramirez
    Estimated Total Contract Cost: $17,634,639.32
    Estimated Total Federal Participating Construction Cost: $18,469,619.63
    Funding Provision: This project is planned to be funded through the 2023 Transportation Improvement Program for the Berkshire Metropolitan Planning Organization.
    District: District 1
    Current Status: PS&E Received (as of 05/27/2022 )

    Contracts (2) Progress
    # 102485 -- Design -- Bridge Open End
    Work will consist of providing engineering design and review services to MassDOT on an open end basis for various statewide road and bridge projects, for the purpose of mainta Final
    # 44056 -- Design -- Bridge Rehab/Recon/New Const
    Provide design services for the rehabilitation of existing bridges, structural evaluations and emergency design support services. Final


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    Environmental Impacts
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    Project Design
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    Project Funding
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    Public Involvement
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    Accelerated Bridge Program
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    Planned Federal FY: 2023
    Responsible MPO: Berkshire Metropolitan Planning Organization
    Location: Municipality
    Cities: NORTH ADAMS
    Category: Advertised Projects Constr.
    Budget Section: 2A
    Advance Construct: No
    Air Quality Exempt: No

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    Category FA - Ntl. Hwy Perform. Prgm (NHPP) - On-System Bridge
    Federal Cost: $14,118,751.20
    State Cost: $3,529,687.80
    Total Cost: $17,648,439.00

    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Need Form PNF Entered 09/29/2009
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 09/29/2009
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 09/30/2009
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 10/30/2009
    Project Review Committee Letter 10/30/2009
    Project Management
    100% Design 100% Package Received 02/18/2022
    25% Design 25% Package Received 08/14/2019
    25% Design 25% Package Comments to DE 11/27/2019
    75% Design 75% Package Received 08/23/2021
    Final Design PS&E Received 05/27/2022