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The expected work for this project shall consist of, but not limited to, the following: Replace the existing 2 1/2 inch wearing surface and the existing 8 inch deck (non-composite at the end spans) with an 8 inch composite deck (4000psi HP cement concrete) and a 1 1/2 inch LMC overlay. Replace the existing 2 1/2 inch wearing surface and the existing 9 inch deck (composite at the center spans) with a 9 inch composite deck (4000psi HP cement concrete) and a 1 1/2 inch LMC overlay. The consultant shall design shear connectors for the existing steel beams as required. Replace the existing AL-3 railings and protective screen with CP-PL2 barriers and Type II protective screens. The new curb to curb roadway width shall be 55 feet, the new south sidewalk shall be 6 foot wide and the north walkway shall be replaced with a safety curb (HP 5000psi concrete). The out to out deck width shall be 63 feet and 7 inches. Replace both abutment deck joints with strip seal joints. Provide Link Slab details at all three piers to eliminate deck joints. Modify the existing fixed bearings at Pier Nos. 1 and 3 (shoulder piers) to expansion bearings for movement. The existing fixed bearings at Pier No. 2 (center pier) shall remain fixed. Mill and pave approximately 100 foot of the existing approach roadways to the bridge on both ends. The bridge alignment shall remain unchanged. The bridge profile is expected to be raised by approximately 2 3/8 inch (additional depth due to haunch and the existing steel beam top flanges not embedded in the proposed deck). The consultant shall not decrease the existing vertical under clearance. This profile shall be verified with the total depth of the proposed new deck slab. Clean and paint (full removal) all steel members in accordance with Section 961 Maintenance Painting of Steel Bridges. The consultant shall perform coupon samples of the existing structural steel members to determine the existing steel yield strength in order to confirm that the existing steel stringers have enough capacity to support the proposed deck replacement system. Locations and details of coupon sampling to be determined by District 5 Engineer. A preliminary rating shall be performed to verify the proposed bridge capacity. Repair or replace deteriorated steel members and connections with significant structural losses as required. The consultant shall conduct a field survey of the existing structure to determine the exact extent and details of repair work required. The PS&E shall include typical representative details of the various required repairs and estimates of the quantities of each of these repairs. After the steel is blast cleaned and primed, the consultant is expected to revisit the structures to re-assess the exact quantity of these required repair works. Repair major concrete cracks and spalls on the substructures as required. Concrete deterioration shall be excavated to sound concrete and patched as required.
  • Town of North Attleborough
  • Design Responsibility: Consultant
    Project Manager: Stephen Soma
    Estimated Total Contract Cost: $4,400,000.00
    Estimated Total Federal Participating Construction Cost: $4,800,000.00
    District: District 5
    Current Status: This project is in the preliminary design phase.

    Contracts (1) Progress
    # 58995 -- Design -- Bridge Rehab/Recon/New Const
    Work will consist of structural evaluations and emergency design support services to support the Bridge Preservation/Betterment Program. Final


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    Project Need Form PNF Entered 01/15/2010
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 01/07/2011
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 01/07/2011
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 02/10/2011
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