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Three intersections, SR 8 & SR 9 (DALTON AVENUE) @ MERRILL CHESHIRE ROAD, DALTON AVENUE @ CRANE AVENUE CONNECTOR & SR 9 (MERRILL ROAD) @ CRANE AVENUE CONNECTOR, form a triangular signal network which is the site of several HSIP crash clusters. A Road Safety Audit, performed June 1, 2015, made recommendations to rehab/replace the existing traffic signals to comply with current MUTCD standards, including potential replacement of span wire & mast arms. The RSA also recommended to increase visibility of traffic signal heads; install back-plates with yellow retro-reflective borders; and review/calculate proper signal clearance intervals to better account for intersection width and approach speeds. Since the RSA, MassDOT has identified six (6) additional traffic signal locations, in the vicinity of the three main signals, that would benefit from signal replacement using adaptive signal control technology. Four of the locations are State-owned signals; these include Route 8 (Cheshire Rd) @ Allendale Shopping Center, Route 9 (Merrill Rd) @ Unkamet Plaza, Route 8/9 (Dalton Ave) @ Meadowview Drive, and Route 8/9 @ Hubbard Ave. The other two locations are City-owned; Hubbard Ave @ Berkshire Crossing/Wendy’s, and Hubbard Ave at Berkshire Crossing Rear Site Drive/Covanta. Two of the additional locations contain HSIP crash clusters. No geometric changes are currently proposed; thus, by keeping the project limited to signal replacement only, right-of-way impacts should be minimal. The proposed improvements should help reduce crash frequency at relatively low cost. The use of adaptive signal control will improve signal progression through the network; thereby reducing congestion, delay, and driver frustration in this heavily commercial area.
  • City of Pittsfield
  • Construction Begins: Winter 2019/2020
    Resident Engineer: John Tietgens
    Construction Bid Price: $3,155,513.00
    District: District 1

    Contracts (2) Progress
    # 109677 -- Construction Contract
    Signal and Intersection Improvements at 9 Locations along Routes 8 and 9 (Merrill Road and Dalton Avenue) and Adjacent Roads 95% Complete
    # 77884 -- Design -- Hwy Eng Open End
    Master Service Agreement for statewide design and review services. Final


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  • Contract Dates
    Notice to Proceed: 02/19/2020
    Contract Information
    Project Designer: Consultant
    Funding Source: Highway Safety Improvement Program
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    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Need Form PNF Entered 11/01/2013
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 11/01/2013
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 11/01/2013
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 11/05/2013
    Project Status Advertised 09/14/2019
    Project Management
    100% Design 100% Package Received 06/24/2019
    100% Design 100% Package Comments to DE 07/25/2019
    25% Design 25% Package Received 03/26/2018
    25% Design 25% Package Comments to DE 05/04/2018
    25% Design Design Public Hearing 10/11/2018
    75% Design 75% Package Received 02/14/2019
    75% Design 75% Package Comments to DE 03/18/2019
    Final Design PS&E Received 08/19/2019
    Final Design PS&E Received - Resub 1 08/29/2019