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The proposed project would extend the Vandenberg Esplanade to the School Street bridge thereby creating a link to Lowell’s 5.6-mile canal walkway system. The first section would start at the easterly end of the Vandenberg Esplanade and extend 1200 feet on a new pathway through the State park area (DCR). It would include a pedestrian bridge over Clay Pit Brook. It would then intersect the existing sidewalk on the State Highway right-of-way just before the mouth of Flagg Meadow Brook. The second section (1300 Ft) would be within MassDOT layout and would be included in the VFW Highway Resurfacing project (#605966). The third section of the walkway will diverge from the highway sidewalk onto DCR land and follow the existing river wall for 700 feet over a small portion of City land at the approach to the School Street (O’Donnell) Bridge. The new walkway would continue the standards and design of the existing Vandenberg Esplanade including walking surface, benches and park light fixtures.
  • City of Lowell
  • Design Responsibility: Municipality
    Right of Way Responsibility: Other
    Project Manager: Michael Trepanier
    Estimated Total Contract Cost: $2,434,752.58
    Estimated Total Federal Participating Construction Cost: $2,751,220.99
    Funding Provision: This project is planned to be funded through the 2025 Transportation Improvement Program for the Northern Middlesex Metropolitan Planning Organization.
    District: District 4
    Current Status: Design Public Hearing (as of 06/23/2020 )

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    Environmental Impacts
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    Project Design
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    Project Funding
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    Public Involvement
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    Accelerated Bridge Program
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    Planned Federal FY: 2025
    Responsible MPO: Northern Middlesex Metropolitan Planning Organization
    Location: Municipality
    Cities: LOWELL
    Category: Advertised Projects Constr.
    Budget Section: 2C
    Advance Construct: No
    Air Quality Exempt: No

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    Category FA - Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ)
    Federal Cost: $2,465,094.40
    State Cost: $616,273.60
    Total Cost: $3,081,368.00

    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Need Form PNF Entered 03/04/2014
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 03/06/2014
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 03/11/2014
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 04/07/2014
    Project Management
    25% Design 25% Package Received 05/02/2019
    25% Design 25% Package Received 12/12/2019
    25% Design 25% Package Comments to DE 07/15/2019
    25% Design Design Public Hearing 06/23/2020