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The proposed project on Great Road (Route 119) extends approximately 1000 feet both east and west of Beaver Brook Road for a distance of approximately 2,000 ft. The project is intended to reduce significant traffic congestion and dramatically improve bicycle and pedestrian accommodations on a heavily traveled vehicular corridor. The existing unsignalized intersection includes Beaver Brook Road which operates at a Level of Service F during peak hour. The major proposed improvement to reduce this level of service is to construct a hybrid roundabout. Secondary improvements for the project will include the addition of a combination of sidewalks, a shared use path and separated bikes lines along the entire segment to address bicycle/pedestrian deficiencies that currently exist. Safety improvements will result from the roundabout construction because a roundabout will reduce the severity of crashes as well as help mitigate the trend of increasing frequency of accidents occurring at this intersection since the mixed-use "The Point" development. Pedestrian refuge islands at the roundabout crossings will be constructed to allow pedestrians a safe place to stand during peak hour traffic. All curbing, signs, pavement markings, and grass throughout the project area will be replaced/updated. Ramps will be added at the midblock pedestrian crossing.
  • Town of Littleton
  • Design Responsibility: Municipality
    Right of Way Responsibility: MassDOT
    Project Manager: Filbert Yee
    Estimated Total Contract Cost: $2,860,100.00
    Estimated Total Federal Participating Construction Cost: $3,120,110.00
    District: District 3
    Current Status: This project is in the preliminary design phase.

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    Project Need Form PNF Entered 02/10/2020
    Project Need Form PNF Approved 01/27/2020
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 02/10/2020
    Project Initiation Form PIF Approved 02/10/2020
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 04/27/2020
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 04/30/2020
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