A & E Individual Consultant History

  Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.   Dennis Reip, P.E.
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Major Environmental Documentation
Basic Roadway Design
Intermediate Roadway Design
Complex Roadway Design
Basic Bridge Design/Rating
Intermediate Bridge Design/Rating
Complex Bridge Design/Rating
NBIS Bridge Inspection
Traffic Operations Studies and Design
Geotechnical Engineering Including Soils and Foundation Studies
Construction Oversight
Construction Contract Assistance
Hydraulics and Hydrology
Landscape Architecture
Transportation Planning
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Transit and Rail Systems Design
Subsurface Utility Engineering
Hazardous Waste - Site Investigation and Assessment
Hazardous Waste - Remediation
Wetlands - Delineation and Assessment
Wetlands - Mitigation
Water Quality - Assessment
Water Quality - Mitigation
Air Quality
Noise Studies